between Jacob Chaim Gescheit and Lina Krasil Philipp

March 29, 1864

...concluded between Herrn Jacob Gescheit as bridegroom assisted by his father,
Herrn Sallomon (Klonimus, Kalman) Gescheit on the one hand and Miss Lina Philipp as bride assisted
by her father, Herrn Leopold Philipp on the other hand, at the occasion of their wedding.

1. The ceremony has taken place in accordance with the Jewish ritual laws and
both pledge to observe loyally their marital obligations and duties.

2. The father of the bride, Herr Leopold Philipp has turned over to the
bridegroom, Jacob Gescheit, the sum of 3000 Gulden, Austrian currency, as a
dowry, which the latter has acknowledged. Also the bride has been provided with
clothing, linens and jewellery valued at 1000 Gulden.

3. Mr. Jacob Gescheit made the commitment to deposit the amount of 1500
Gulden, Austrian currency, for his bride, now his wife Lina nee Philipp, and she
has the same rights to it as to her dowry, in other words an amount of 4500
Gulden, in addition to clothing, linens and jewellery, which he concedes, she
possesses priority over same.

4. The married couple promises to live in harmony and to love each other, have
no secrets between them and in the unexpected instance that the husband would
treat his wife harshly and she could not endure it and she should leave him, he
would be obliged to give her back the clothes and jewellery and a sum of 20
Gulden, Austrian currency, for living expenses for one month in advance and
continue every following month as long as the discord exists until the dispute is
resolved amicably or straightened out by the rabbinical court, to the verdict of
which both parties submit. One party of the couple has, upon request of the other
party, 14 days to offer a compromise suggestion to this court.

5. In case of Mrs. Lina Gescheit's death, which God may forbid, it is agreed that if
she passes away in the first year of their marriage childless, Mr. Gescheit must
return all funds received to the father of the bride, Leopold Philipp; in the second
year, only half of the funds, and in the third year nothing at all. In case of other
dependents, especially children, they receive the lawful part of their mother's estate.

Waitzen, 29 March, 1864

Signed by: Jacob Gescheit, Lina Philipp
Leopold Philipp, Sallomon Gescheit (as parents of the newly weds)

In presence of witnesses: Moses Roth, Reba Weisz, Rabbi Pilaf Stein.

(** Faithfully reproduced from an old translation)