In Memory of the members of the Gescheit Family
slaughtered in the Holocaust
and the Six Million other Jewish Victims.

Jozsef Gescheit  31 August 1869 - 15 June 1944 Auschwitz

Paula Gescheit (nee Barok)  1875 - June 15 1944 Auschwitz

Margit Ullmann (nee Gescheit)  28 June 1896 - June 1944 Auschwitz

Samu Gescheit (son of Jozsef)  February 1889 - May 1944 Lintz

Tibor Gescheit (son of Samu)  22 Sepember 1930 - June 1944 Auschwitz

Jeno Gescheit  June 1944; Auschwitz

Zelma Gescheit (wife of Jeno) June 1944; Auschwitz

Liza Gescheit (daughter of Jeno)
 1935-1944; Auschwitz

Mimi Gescheit (daughter of Jeno)
 1937-1944; Auschwitz

Margit Ullmann (nee Gescheit)  28 June 1896 - June 1944; Auschwitz

Bozsi Sauber (nee Gescheit)  June 1944 Auschwitz

Iren Schwartz (nee Gescheit)  1944
Concentration Camp

Gizella Weinstock (nee Gescheit)  1944
Concentration Camp

Jolan Haber (nee Gescheit)  1944
Concentration Camp

Giza Naulender (nee Gescheit) Concentration Camp

Ilonka Hirsch (nee Gescheit)  
Concentration Camp

Lenke Gescheit  Concentration Camp

Klari Gescheit (daughter of Lenke)  
Concentration Camp

Imre Gescheit (son of Lenke)  
Concentration Camp

Jacob Gescheit (son of Samu Michael Gescheit)
Concentration Camp

Shmuel Zoltan Gescheit 1930-1944 (son of Jacob & Bela)
Concentration Camp

Moshe Imre Gescheit 1932-1944 (son of Jacob & Bela)  
Concentration Camp

Miriam Marta Gescheit 1934-1944 (daughter of Jacob & Bela)  
Concentration Camp

Bela Gescheit (daughter of Herman) 1861 - 1944  
Concentration Camp

Bertha Gescheit (daughter of Herman) 1859 - 1944  
Concentration Camp

Isadore Gescheit (son of Herman)  1862 - 1944  
Concentration Camp

Mila Gescheit (daughter of Herman)  1874 - 1944  
Concentration Camp

Zoltan Gescheit (son of Herman) 1870 - 1944
Concentration Camp

Jeno Gescheit (son of Samu & Chaya)  Concentration Camp

and the many husbands and children of Gescheit daughters
who have not been named here ....

"They were human beings - their bodies were destroyed but their souls survive forever."
Robert Gescheit June 2010

Photos of the suitcase of Otto Israel Gescheit
in the suitcase room of the Auschwitz Museum


Compiled by Robert Joseph Gescheit, direct descendant of Jozsef and Paula Gescheit (nee Barok) who were slaughtered in the Holocaust.
Additions or corrections welcome.
Contact details: gescheit@bigpond.net.au , Sydney Australia +61 418 266487
Last updated June 2021